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    Wherever Kevin performs, he’s got his camera out snapping pics. Look and see if you’re in any of them!

    From his humble beginnings to his national TV appearances, learn more about Kevin Lee.

What Are Audiences Saying About Kevin Lee?

  • “Great show we laughed the whole time! Kevin is hilarious!”

    Diana V.

  • “I saw you at Banana’s for New Year’s. You were so great that I wanted to see you again!”

    Andrew S.

  • “Thank you so much for the stomach ache I had from laughing so much. I simply cannot see anybody else making me laugh as hard so I get to say I saw the best on my first.”

    Josh R.

  • “You are the man, Kevin. The world needs to see your act.”

    James K.

  • “Kevin Lee was hilarious last night! Y’all should look him up. That’s one funny dude!”

    Samantha M.

  • “Holy cow! I literally laughed my ass off. I have no ass anymore. For reals.”

    Tom M.

  • “What an amazing show! I can’t wait to see Kevin Lee again!”

    Pat F.

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    BET Comic View

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    Comedy Central

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    Def Comedy Jam

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